Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 2010 Pictures

Abigail finally passed out in the car. Abigail is a great eater, but not a great napper. Jackson is a great napper, but not a great eater. The good thing is that Abigail is going to bed as early as 7:45 pm now. I love watching my babies sleep.
The above picture is Abigail's new seat. She loves to sit on the couch all by herself and will actually sit there for 10 minutes or so...she really likes to be in her daddy's little hole he makes for her (I think Charlie liked to sit like this with his mom when he was little).

Chick Fil A playground...we have seen a lot of it with it being January and not many opportunities for Jackson to release all of his energy.
Here are pictures from that wonderful day last week where it was 70 degrees!