Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tuesday's Tip: Advice Wanted-Heat Pumps are Hard to Figure Out!

Even when we lived in apartments, we did not have a heat pump.

In the winter, our bills are crazy!

Our heat pump runs and NEVER turns off. This of course costs lots and lots of money.

I have had guys come out here many times, and they have fixed things, but in the winter it still never turns off unless I turn it off. Then, after I do turn it off, many times it goes up a degree in the house. I know that heat pumps are meant for Florida, but Columbia gets a lot colder than Florida!

So here are some of my solutions, but I would LOVE to hear your solutions.

1. Keep it on a cold 68 in the house. We are already cold at 70, so might as well keep it there it on what SC&G recommends.

2. Turn off the unit at lunch time to give it a change to regroup. Only turn it off for 30 minutes and then turn it back on (if I do not do this it will probably run for three weeks straight).

3. Last night, we went and got a Lasko heater at Walmart for $55 and keep in running in the den while we are home. The only problem is that since we have had a fire, we cannot keep it running while we sleep and do unplug it when we leave.

What are your recommendations? Have my kids sleep in a snuggie? Haha! Their rooms are freezing!


Merritt Pace said...

We had trouble like yours (where the heat just ran and ran and ran) in December. We found out that the thermostat in the house was not working properly, and so the heat pump was not heating the house correctly. It was very inexpensive to fix, and once we fixed it, we could see an immediate difference.

I don't know about your situation, but that was ours.

Have a super week,

Emily Wallace said...

Thank you so much Merritt for commenting!

We had a new thermostat put in at the end of winter last year as well.

In the summer time, our heat pump cycles on and off like it should, but in the winter it just will not turn off on its own.

The guys that kept coming out here last winter said if it is under 40 degrees outside heat pumps usually will not turn off unless you have your thermostat set to like 65 or something crazy.

I am huge problem solver, so this situation is frustrating to me. If it warms up at all, I think I will have them come out here again this winter (but Charlie's car transmission feel out, so that has been tough!).

Thanks again! Hope you are having a great week!