Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday's Tip: CVS has had great deals this month / Weight Watchers

I have been to CVS every week since the new year began.

Yesterday, I got 6 12 pack of Pepsi products for $20. I only spent $14 because I had $6 in extrabucks from last week. I also earned $10 back in extrabucks just from this purchase.

Then, I turned around and got toilet paper for $12 or $14 (I cannot remember) and used by $10 in extrabucks, so I only spent either $2-4 on toilet paper.

I also joined Weight Watchers last week since these last 15 pounds from Jackson and Abigail are just not coming off. I am going to the one on Colonial Life Blvd (Wednesdays are not good days for me), and only paid $11 for the week plus $25 for the books.

I really think Weight Watchers is the best plan out there because it makes you count the calories you are eating through their points system.

Yesterday was hard though. All I had to eat yesterday was a yogurt, Weight Watchers meal for lunch, coffee with cream, and 1 piece of pizza, and I was not a happy camper. Thursday, I am going to the store to get lots of fruits and veggies to snack on. However, I think if I only had 23 points a day every day, I would be 100 pounds and underweight so I am trying to figure out a happy balance. I did manage to only have 24 points yesterday which was a complete miracle (I chewed gum when my stomach was not growling so I would not eat...my stomach has really stretched out after having my second baby).

Do you have any advice on low calorie filling lunches or dinners that I do not have to spend hours cooking?

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