Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tuesday's Tip: My CVS Purchases Yesterday

CVS had a lot of extra buck deals for me this week on items I was running out of. Many of the money saving mom blogs did not think there were many good deals, but I did!

First I bought with one purchase
45 Hefty CS Tall Trash (new) Bags for $6.99 (I was out)
3 Huge Containers of Pantene Shampo for $5.99 each and I had $4 worth of coupons for them

So on this purchase I paid $22.71 and got $10 EB to use on my next purchase ($5 was my quarterly EB from our medicine)

Second purchase:
2 Dove Clinc. Pro Deodorants for $16. I know that is a lot but when I go to the gym I need clinical strength (do you recommend a certain deodorant?) and these will last me 6 months. Pulse I got $4 back in extra bucks!

2 large Colgate Toothpaste for $5 and I had a .75 cent off coupon (got $2 in extrabuck here)

1 perfume for $15.99 and got $5 in extra bucks. Do not laugh but I have these lotion a friend gave me in college called "Curious" by Britany Spears. It is Charlie's favorite and I am out of perfume so I got it. Ha!

I used my $10 in extra bucks that I got in the first purchase and spent $28.48 on this purchase and got $11 in extra bucks to use on my next purchase! Plus the kids did great in CVS. I think Abigail was just so glad to be out of the house!

I am sad that CVS is not doing rain checks on EB items anymore. Does anyone know why?

Go to southern savers to see all the deals at CVS this week, and you can print off your shopping list!

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