Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday's Tip: Weight Watchers / No More Whining!

I do not have any money saving tips yet this week, but I am excited to get to go to SouthernSavers workshop Thursday night at the church. Hopefully I will have some tips after this workshop.

It was my first week back in Weight Watchers in over 2 years, and I lost 3.2 pounds the first week back! I was shocked because I went over 30 points for the week. I figured out that two nights a week, I was eating 1,000 calories at dinner...wow (at Moe's Tuesday nights when kids eat free, and one other night). I had Weight Watchers meals, fruits, slimfast, and just overall tried to eat very healthy. It was hard to find foods that were filling. Again, if you have any suggestions on low calorie filling food, please let me know what you enjoy!

I enjoy eating good foods, unfortunately I tend to overeat, and my goal this year is to glorify God with my eating. It is hard because loosing weight can easily consume my though life, and I just want to establish healthy eating patterns that glorify the Lord. The new book I am reading through right now is Love to Eat Hate to Eat by Elyse Fitzpatrick.

Second tip is a good little pamphlet by Ginger Plowman entitled "No More Whinning!" I got this along with the stop watch. Jackson now that he carries on conversations can really whine a lot.

She recommends:

1. Tell your child that God wants you to use self control with your voice, and you are whining.

2. Explain that love motivates you to train him, and tell him he may now wear the No Whine Watch, and when the buzzer goes off in three minutes, he may come back and ask for the juice in the correct way.

3. When buzzer goes off, have the child come back and ask for the juice in the appropriate way. For Jackson, I show him how he should ask for the juice.

I tried the watch last night, and it worked. He was a little excited about the watch and thought I had gotten him a watch to wear, but after everything was said and done he stopped whining. Praise the Lord!

I am also trying my best in public and at the house to get down on his level and look him in the eye when correcting him (Michelle does an excellent job at this and I had it modeled wonderfully by her). Especially in public, I almost whisper in his ear that what he is doing is not loving, and tell him what he should be doing instead. Speaking in a loud voice does get his attention, but it is yelling is not helping anything (although with boys it seems the only way to get their attention is to speak loudly), and is not pleasing to the Lord.

Do you have any tips on how to correct a child who is non stop whining?

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