Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Wednesday's Word: A New Year, A New Goal

I do usually like to make New Year's resolutions.

I heard today on the tv that the number one New Year's resolution was to lose weight. I always seem to be wanted to lose weight as well, I really enjoy good food. I have one simple goal this year with loosing weight. Eat healthy first! I am not going to let myself eat anything but healthy items when starting my day. I am drinking slimfast ready made shakes first (milk chocolate ones served in a cup with ice in it). I also might hide Charlie's candy/

Working out is really only like 30 percent of weight loss, eating is the rest (Weight Watcher is a great program as well, and I have done that many times. It is the only program I feel where you can actually keep the weight off when you stop going to meetings...aka you can still go out to eat!).

I digress, this is not my main new goal for the year.

My new goal for this year, drum role please (ha)....Read 15 pages a day of a book (not the Bible) Monday-Friday.

Why this goal? With two babies at home, I feel like I am loosing brain cells always thinking about what they need. I do a pretty good job of reading the Bible daily, but the rest of my free time I spend on the computer, and cutting coupons. There is so many great books I want to read that will help me grow in the knowledge of Him!

First, I am reading Counsel from the Cross by Elyse Fitzpatrick (one of my role models). She is a key biblical Christian counselor and I had to read her books for my classes. Next on the list is "No More Whining" by Plowman.

This book has been phenomenal so far. She write,

"the gospel tells her (a counselee) about herself: God's love for her isn't based on her performance or on her children's performance. His love is based solely on the performance of his Son. She can rejoice that God doesn't operate on a quid pro quo basis, like a cosmic vending machine that spits out treats for those who perform flawlessly. By grace alone she has been given the complete righteousness of the Son. She is his beloved child because she is in the Beloved One. The gospel tells her that her Savior, who took on flesh like hers in order to redeem her, is ruling sovereignly from heaven, never forgetting about her for one moment, never neglecting to cause all things---even her sin---to work for good. He will sanctify and keep her, even though it feels like she has been set adrift on a dark and stormy sea."

I already feel spiritual growth by just reading a chapter a day in this book! I am also reading through the Bible in a different way (a plan Crosswell Baptist Church is doing this year). It starts off reading Romans, then Genesis, etc. Click here to see it. I am reading through the Bible by reading my Woman's Study Bible (Paterson) that I used in seminary.

What about you what is your one main goal for this new year?

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