Monday, January 04, 2010

Our EdVenture Children's Museum Visit on New Year's Day

Sailing just like Captain Feathersword. Now, when he wants to be funny he says, "Blow me down." He proceeds to fall down just like Captain Feathersword and he usually get a laugh.

Jackson in a firetruck. I am glad he does not remember being in a real firetruck when he was 9 months old.

Abigail, one year old going on at least three years old. She wants to do whatever her brother is doing. Sometimes, I forget how young she really is! She loved the museum.

We had a great time at EdVenture Children's Museum on New Year's Day. I was researching fun family activities to do on New Year's Eve, and they actually have a great event on New Year's Eve around 12 pm. I was looking at this in the afternoon, so was sad we missed it.

On New Year's Eve we went to Saluda Shoals park to see the Christmas lights. It was amazing and $10 per car, and it was very educational for Jackson. So, on New Year Eve day when it was cold and raining and the kids were going crazy we decided to head out to EdVenture. We have only been there one other time (click here), and Charlie was not able to go with us that time. I highly recommend EdVenture, and the second Tuesday of every month they have family night from 5-8 pm and it is $1 a person (so I would not recommend getting season passes like I would recommend with the zoo).

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