Friday, October 02, 2009

Flu...Pray for my babies... Jackson's First Trip to the ER

It has been a rough week.

Tuesday night I got very sick to my stomach and just thought that it was going to be a 24 hour stomach bug.

Thursday morning (very early) my babies got sick. Jackson woke up first, and I got his bed all cleaned and then Abigail woke up and we had to get her in the bath to clean her up and I had to get her bed cleaned as well.

Later on Thursday morning, Jackson did okay and drank some and ate a little. Abigail bounced right back and started to drink her bottle and eat like nothing ever happened.

Thursday afternoon Jackson stopped drinking and started fussing non-stop. I could not get him to drink anything. He woke up at 12 am with fever still and then again at 6 am sick. He slept till 10, but then had not urinated since Thursday night at 8 pm. He finally drank something around 11 am and used the restroom. However, his lips were so dry and his mouth was so dry that I could not understand what he was saying when he tried to talk.

I called the nurse, still debating on even if I should take him to the doctor at all, and she was very concerned that he went almost 12 hours without urinating. She got my doctor on the phone and told me that we need to go to the children's hospital and get him an IV. What? I did not even think we were going to be going to the doctor! Needless to say I was very emotional, but still could not get him to drink anything else so I knew that the doctor knew best. The doctor at the children's hospital ER said that many doctor's offices will give IV's early in the morning but not usually in the afternoon. Jackson's appointment was for 3:30.

Jackson and I got to the hospital and it was so wonderful to be at a children's-only ER. They knew exactly how to get the IV in, and it was really not as bad as I thought it was going to be. They were so kid-friendly. They took his blood to see exactly how dehydrated he was and his reading was a 17 and usually anything under 24 they have to treat. He needed two bags of IV's. They said it was the flu since he still had a fever.

Praise God that he felt so much better after the IV and received some anti-nausea medicine in his IV. He drank after that and ate a Popsicle and they released us. They said that there is a good chance that he could get dehydrated again. We have anti-nausea medicine, Tamiflu, and Motrin all in him and he is doing so much better.

Please pray that:
  • Jackson does not get dehydrated again and God heals him quickly for His glory.
  • Abigail does not get this flu. Her nose was running non-stop tonight. Who knows? She might have already had it.
Thank you so much for your prayers. The regular flu is so hard on Jackson! He has such a hard time fighting off illnesses once he gets something.

It was so sad before he went to bed tonight, he said, "I'm so sick, so sick, so sick."


Merritt Pace said...

We will pray for Jackson and Abigail, Emily! I pray that you and Charlie stay well, too!


lynxymama said...

I am praying for your family.

HomeschoolingmamaofapackofGs said...

Emily we will be praying for you. Taking care of sick children is exhausting. Take care of your self and I pray that you and Charile will be able to escape it.

Misty Taylor

Emily Wallace said...

Thank yall so much!