Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Tip: $125 Weekly Challenge

This week I have challenged myself to try and only spend $125 on all grocery food and out to eat food. I have bumped it up to $125 because Abigail's formula is $24 every 6 days (we will start switching her to generic formula of the brand she uses from Target the day she turns 11 months old).

I will make a grocery stop on Thursday and I know the key will be bringing my huge T1-82 calculator with me. I will type everything I get into the calculator and when I hit $75 I am done. The other day I was at Walmart and was sure I only spent $70 and it ended up being $110! I am going to try and only spend $50-75 on grocery and the rest for out to eat food.

Another new thing we are going to try is not buying paper towels or paper plates. I know moneysaving mom does not use paper towels. I am really trying to evaluate what we really need. We get so many napkins when we go places out to eat, and we do have a supply of fast food napkins. I am not going to ask for more napkins when we go places, but I am not going to throw away the ones I get anymore.

Overall, I know I need to plan out each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in detail for this to be successful. Right now we have spent $21 (one trip to Walmart one trip to Chick Fil A to redeem our free Chick Fil A sandwich). Please pray that we learn how to live with only what we really need.

Do you have any more tips to help us stay within my $125 budget?

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