Monday, October 26, 2009

Today was the day Abigail took her First Steps!!!!

Just want to write a quick blog post on this special day.

She took a half step this morning. Tonight, poor thing she felt terrible and really wanted Jackson's pirate outfit (specifically the eye patch). Her first two real steps she took while fussing/crying, and I do not think she really realized she was walking. The only thing that was on her mind was getting that eye patch. Later on, when she tried to walk, she was too afraid to do it.

I thought she would take her first steps at 10 months old since she crawled a little early as well. She has congestion on the outside of her nose and her seventh tooth broke through this week. She was drooling like crazy and then came the clear running nose. I am worried that it might be settling now into some sort of infection now...sad.

Today was a big day for my baby girl! Time is flying with her...

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amjackson said...

YAY ABIGAIL!! Making way for another! (Hee hee - Only kidding!)