Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tuesday's Tip: New Cleaning Schedule

For saving money:
  • The best advice I got when I first started couponing was: always know what the items you buy week after week cost. For instance, we usually eat Pillsbury cinnamon roles twice a week for breakfast, and I know that they should cost about $2 each. At Piggly Wiggly, they cost $2.30, which is too much. So, I will not buy them at Piggly Wiggly even using a coupon. Additionally, many times I will use a coupon for Tylenol, and then realize that if I had just bought the generic Tylenol I would have saved a lot more money.

For being a homemaker:

I have a new Cleaning Schedule (I actually have some motivation to clean after the stomach flu)

Mondays: Our laundry, clean bathrooms
Tuesdays: Kids laundry, clean kitchen
Wednesday: Make up day for whatever did not get clean on Monday and Tuesday
Thursday: Dust the entire house
Friday: Vacuum, straighten up all the rooms
Saturday: Make up for whatever did not get cleaned the days before, organize
Sunday: OFF

For laundry, a new trick I have found is that I get a load completely ready to go, everything shouted out, and then first thing Monday or Tuesday morning start the load (this is so less stressful...otherwise getting a load in might not happen till they go down for a nap at 2 pm)

Advice Wanted:
  • Do you have any suggestions on how to really clean bathtubs well? Or bathrooms in general? Is there any cleaning tool that works well for you? I feel like I never really get our bathtubs clean.
  • Do you have a cleaning schedule? How do you get motivated to clean? It is so hard, when I know it will just get dirty again very quickly.


Jaime said...

I have started using the scrubbing bubbles action scrubber. It comes with a reusable foam handle and you just put new scrubbing pads on the bottom to clean the tub and shower. They seem to work great. They have been easy for me to use while I'm in the shower and save time that way. That's my only tip! :)

I'm glad you guys have recovered from your "bug". Those are never fun! We had a major round with it last Christmas and I hope to avoid it this year, if I can. Especially because we'll have a new baby in the family!

alyssa said...

I use scrubbing bubbles as well(i think!) but mine doesn't have a handle thingy. I will use either a sponge or a mr. clean magic eraser, which works really, really well, and it doesn't take very long b/c the scrubbing bubbles kind of eats away at soap scum. Hope that helps! Glad to hear that everyone is on the mend!

Emily Wallace said...

Thank yall so much for the recommendations!!!!