Friday, October 16, 2009

Fun Friday: Few of My Favorites

The above shoes are Angels Shoes. They are very popular baby girl shoes that I had no idea about, and are $20. I got them at a children's shop out at Harbison called Enchanted Closet. I really loved the people that work there, and they had really cute clothes, especially for when me and Gigi get to go shopping. They are great church shoes. However, Abigail is in between sizes and so the size 2 is a still a little too big.
This backpack is from kidstravelzone. com. Mimi got this backpack for Jackson's 3rd birthday. It is perfect for him because he can actually keep it on his back (unlike the Stephen Joseph bag which he could not keep on his back). This is the smallest bag, and I think Abigail will be getting this for her birthday as well. I will not be getting her a Stephen Joseph bag for church because I know she will probably not keep it on her back! My parents also got the matching luggage for him for his birthday and it is just what we wanted!
I got these shoes for Abigail, after I figured out that the Angels shoes where not staying on her foot yet. They are pediped baby shoes. They are like your baby is not wearing any shoes at all, and good for when they are trying to walk (they also have cute baby boy shoes as well). These shoes actually stay on her feet when she crawls, but they were $30. I got them at Stride Right (Goody 2 Shoes). The one thing I am not frugal with is shoes for my family. I have feet problems and so does Jackson. I usually only buy two pairs of really nice shoes from Goody 2 shoes. They are very experienced and trained with knowing if the shoe is fitting my babies correctly. Jackson has extremely flat feet and my pronation problem.
What are some of your favorite items for your babies (even not if they are not frugal items)? What would some great items for your babies that you are very thankful for?

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