Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mimi's 60th Birthday Party!

Abigail pulling Zach's ears....sad... I think this was intentional.

Zach and Abigail, first cousins. They are almost exactly two months apart in age!

Zach is excited to be with Abigail.

Top 60, we mean Six, Reasons Why We Love Our Mimi

  1. Her creativity (helping us do our babies rooms)
  2. She is our “doctor” Mimi
  3. She is a GREAT problem solver
  4. Wonderful teacher to us and our babies
  5. She is patient and helpful with our babies
  6. And last but not least her ability to be very calm in stressful situations (and helping us get through those stressful situations)! She teaches us how to trust the Lord through everything.

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