Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday's Tip: Weekly Teaching Your Toddler/Preschooler Bible Stories

This week we have been focusing on Zaccheus and I have read to Jackson about Zaccheus every day to him before his naps.

How did I choose to focus on Zaccheus this week?

Jackson's wonderful Sunday School teachers give him a sheet to take home for the week for children his age. This curriculum is made by Lifeway which is an excellent Sunday School curriculum. The story was about Zachheus so on Sunday I decided that we would focus on this story every day this week (I always want my 4th grade girls to do what I send home with them because it is an excellent resource for them, but these sheets have been way over Jackson's head, so I have been ignoring them for a while...). We have looked at the sheet that was sent home with him on Sunday every day this week, and he has loved it!

We also have read the first story from Read-Aloud Bible Stories Vol. 1 (Puckett) which is all about Zaccheus. I love this book and would highly recommend it. At the end of this first story, the author writes simply and beautifully, "Jesus knew Zaccheus was in that tree. He even knew Zaccheus's name. Jesus knows where you are---all the time. He knows your name too."

Jackson would love for me to read to him for hours every day and I am really enjoying this time with him. Not to long ago, he could not sit still for even a minute!

I do want to get him a real Bible soon. I want it so we can actually find where stories are from (this story is found in Luke). What would you recommend for his first real Bible? Is there any other books you recommend to help teach the Bible to my babies?

Today was animal day for school time. We played with all the animals we have (I got tons at the Tot Trade) and we had a zoo and then a farm. We learned that certain animals are at the farm, and certain ones are at the zoo. I strapped Abigail down in a seat and she learned as well.

We also read Brown Bear three times, and he can read the entire book to me! God has answered so many of our prayers for Jackson.

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