Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jackson Scored A Goal in his 5th Game Playing! Ah!

Jackson did so great in his soccer game this morning! I told him the night before that we would be going to play soccer in the morning, and he was so excited, and was up bright and early this morning ready to go.

He kicked the ball very well today, and he really wanted the ball bad and did whatever it took to get the ball.

He has never even come close to kicking the ball in the goal, so I did not did not have the video camera out (not to mention it was very cold this morning!).

So, we were cheering on our team and having a good time, and it was Jackson's turn to kick off the ball mid-field. He ran out to kick it mid field, and kept kicking it, and kept kicking it, running over some people (which he has never done) and scored! We were shocked and so excited for him. He is the 4th player to score on his team, and the only one to score who does not have an older brother or sister. Not to mention, he is the youngest player in the entire league! With all we have been through with Jackson, it was just so exciting to see him excel.

I really wish I had video, but it is definitely a moment Charlie and I will never forget!

Ps-Jackson is eating so well recently, and I weighed him yesterday and he was 32.3 pounds. Yay! Thanks for everyone's advice! At the hospital he was only 29 pounds.

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