Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Abigail's 2 Week Stats

Tuesday we went back to the doctor to make sure she was gaining weight and she looked so great they went ahead and did her 2 week well visit check 3 days early.
  • Abigail weighed 7 pounds and 4 ozs...she gained 9 ozs in 5 days which is great and above the norm because they are suppose to gain 1 ozs a day. Her weight is in the 26 percentile
  • Height 20 inches and 1/4 which is in the 67 percentile
  • Head is in the 57 percentile (Jackson' s head was in the 20 percentile forever so I am excited about that!)
We do not have to go back until she is 8 weeks old which is the beginning of Feb! Yay!

*Today was my first full day by myself with both of my babies. The funny thing is that my dog gave me the most trouble, eating Jackson chicken fingers out of a bag while I was not looking, and barking the loudest I have ever heard her during nap time. My babies did great! Jackson has started to throw some fits (but not till tonight). He still loves the baby and tries to help me with her anyway he can, but tonight when he was not getting all the attention he wanted from his dad he lost it and threw himself on the floor a couple times. Pray for Jackson and that he can communicate what he needs. He can tell me 90 percent of the time what he needs, but that 10 percent of the time is rough right now.

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