Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jackson and Abigail Do Look Similar

When Abigail was first born, I thought she did not look like Jackson really. Jackson had such huge lips when he was born. However, yesterday when we had to take Abigail's clothes off for her to get some natural sunlight because of her jaundice, I remember a picture I took of Jackson that looked just like her! They were both jaundiced the first week so the similarities are crazy! Abigail's head is rounder than Jackson, she has blond roots in her hair, and she does not have as big as lips as Jackson, but that is the only real differences I see right now. What do you think?


Jaime said...

I have thought all the pictures I have seen of her looked like Jackson (of course, I have never seen him in "real life") but this one is very similar! So cute!

Mary Mac said...

Abigail is so cute! look at all that hair! share the wealth! how is number two? xmas pictures- ugh! I had a friend confess to photo shopping her xmas pics! haha.