Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Pictures 2008

Every year we take turns with Thanksgiving and Christmas at each others parent's house. We think it is important to be surrounded by family on the holidays. This year was my family's Thanksgiving and Charlie's parents Christmas which worked out well for us since Charlie's family is in Columbia and Abigail was just born like two weeks prior to Christmas. On Christmas Eve we went to Rock Hill to see all of Charlie's extended family and Abigail got to meet her great grandmother! Yay! It was so special. Kelly joined us Christmas Eve since she basically has to work all of Christmas. Christmas day we went over to Charlie's parents house for brunch and got to spend time with Charlie's family. It was such a special Christmas being able to share it with this precious miracle (Abigail) that God so gracious gave us. It just makes me even more thankful this year for the birth of our Savior. Praise the Lord our Savior was born!

Here is Charlie holding Abigail on Christmas day. She has thrush and we have had to put medicine on her mouth 4 times a day which has been hard. She is such a trooper!
She already seems like she is smiling to me. I think girls mature faster than boys!
Great family photo
Pray for Jackson. His tantrums have been frequent recently since his schedule has been messed up among many other factors. Papa is being very patient with him here
Mimi and Papa with their grandchildren. There will be one more grandchild next Christmas since Charlie's sister is having a little boy at the end of February.
I am so glad KK was with us on Christmas! It made it so special.
Praise the Lord Jackson loves to love on Abigail. He is so gentle with her!
Here is Charlie's mom's brother, Uncle Norman, holding Abigail in Rock Hill on Christmas Eve. Doesn't Charlie like similar to him?
Geemaw getting to meet Abigail. She is so blessed to have two living great grandmothers. I was so glad we were able to come!