Sunday, December 14, 2008

Update on Us: Abigail is 1 Week Old

Millie Boo is already protecting our baby girl
Sleeping while sunbathing for her jaundice

Things of course have been very busy. Friday, I went to Picture Me Studio and got the Christmas card picture and a birth announcement picture. They turned out so great and I was so happy! Then, Saturday Charlie drove Jackson half way to Spartanburg for him to stay three nights there while the Christmas pageant is going on and so I can try to get to know what works for Abigail. My parents are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so good to have some one on one time with her. It is so much easier with Abigail since this time we know how to change a diaper...haha! It was a little hard last week when I was with Jackson and Abigail and I was constantly thinking what either Jackson or Abigail needed and I could not really think clearly. Pray for me on Wednesday because it will be my first full day by myself with both of my babies. Of course, I already think she is advanced. I think girls just are more mature than boys. She is already holding her bottle some when I am feeding her, trying to hold her head up and having success when she is having some tummy time, and she looks like she is smiling already but it is probably just gas. Tuesday we go back to the doctor to make sure she is gaining weight, which I think she is.

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