Thursday, December 11, 2008

Abigail's Jaundice Levels are Down-Thank you for your Prayers!

We are so thankful that Abigail's juandice levels are down! God get all the glory! I braved the doctor's office by myself, since I am feeling so great (I wanted to get the exact instructions on the bili blanket if she had to be on one), and I could not believe that her levels were down. The doctor said that once they go down they continue to go down. She is eating 3 ozs every 3 to 4 hours but she somehow lost 1 oz and she now weighs 6 11 pounds. She was starving and ate right after they weighed her so she would have probably weighed three more ozs than she did. Dr. Greeenhouse wants to see her Tuesday morning just to make sure that she continues to gain weight. I was hoping that with Abigail we would not have to go to the doctor every day like with Jackson, but we will end up going to the doctor four times in her first week of life! My parents are taking Jackson from Saturday to Tuesday so we will have it easy for four days with just one baby. Jackson has done really well with her and loves her. He does get frustrated though when she gets all the attention when people come over and he does not get the attention.

As far as a schedule. We are trying our best to get her on eating at
7 am (Diaper change before every feeding)
10 am
1 pm
4 pm
7 pm
then push her to 11 pm
2 or 3 am
then 6 am or 7 am

Of course you cannot get a baby on a schedule very well for the first 2 or 3 weeks because they sleep like 20 hours a day and if she is crying and it has been 2 and half hours fromt the beginning of the last feeding we just feed her and do not worry about a schedule. Our goal is to have her use to eating at these times by 6 weeks of age.

She loves her boppy seat that Ashley and Bridgette gave us. She is in it all the time and even sleeps in it sometimes after the middle of the night feeding. Charlie and I take turns and every other night one of us has the 3 am feeding...that is a huge blessing that probably will end once he goes back to work Monday.

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Michelle said...

What a precious baby girl! I'm glad that ya'll are adjusting so well and that you'll get to spend time alone with Abigail this weekend. Those moments are few and far between with baby #2!