Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pictures from Abigail's First Trip to Spartanburg

We had the best time in Spartanburg last weekend! Charlie turns 30 this Thursday so we went ahead and started celebrating his birthday while we were there. I was so glad that Virginia (my good friend since 8th grade) got to meet Abigail and that we were able to see her while we were there. A couple of pictures where taken when we got home with Abigail...but she is holding a book Grand and Gigi got her. We are so blessed that my parents take Jackson one weekend a month. Now, that dad is retired it is even easier for them and they can come spend quality time with me when they drop him off. Jackson had the best time with them Saturday and Sunday night (we just stayed Thursday and Friday night). They took him to the golf course and he loved it. I have the best parents!

It was such an easy trip with our van!

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