Monday, March 16, 2009

Someone Else Who is Really Enjoying My Baby Girl

is Sandie. Aunt Sandie is my mom's sister and she is like my second mom. She has three boys and always wanted a little girl. God gave her the desire of her heart through her oldest son Wade. Wade lives in the same town and Sandie and has one child who is a girl named Rylie. Rylie is the daughter Sandie never had and she sees her all the time. Sandie is a great example of how God gives us the desire of our hearts in His glorious plan, sometimes not through our own plan. Sandie is a great instrument in the redeemers hands. She loves Jackson and Abigail as if they were her grand babies. She came one day recently to help keep Abigail when Jackson was having all those doctors appointments about his surgery (Abigail was 2 months here). Sandie's love language is gift giving and she has gotten Abigail the cutest bow shoes and bows. Me, my mom and Sandie are all crazy about bows! Abigail is such a blessing to my entire family in so many different ways.

PS-People keep asking me if I will ever call Abigail "Abby." I really like Abby as a nickname and want to wait to see what she wants to go by. Right now she is a calm little baby so she just seems more like a Abigail for now. This time I wanted to make sure I liked the nickname that went with my baby's name. I love the name Jackson and it was also Charlie's grandfather's name, but I do not like the nickname "Jack" for Jackson for many crazy reasons although Charlie likes "Jack" as a nickname.

Some people also keep asking me if I am scared having Abigail in the church nursery all the time with her being so young, so I will hopefully blog about that topic later this week.

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