Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday to the Love of My Life!

Charlie was real surprised last night at his birthday party at the church. I would not tell him what we were doing on his birthday so he thought something was up on Thursday night. Wednesday night never crossed his mind, and Wednesday night was all Anne Marie's idea. I have a lot more pictures but they are all with children, and I do not feel comfortable posting them without their parents knowledge/permission. All the kids were able to attend since they were at their Wednesday night programs (there was probably 150 people there). Mark did a great job of stalling Charlie after his Bible study...Charlie was so surprised!

Here is a little part of the homemade card I wrote him:

"Thank you for dying to yourself these last nine years that I have known you and going the extra mile to put your family before everything. We love you more and more every day that passes.

I am so proud of you and your boldness for Christ this year, and for help leading children to make the most important decision of their lives. I really am the most proud of you this year for your focus on preaching the Gospel and helping others learn and grow in Him without being distracted with anything. You are a wonderful husband, friend, and father. You set a great example. We love you with God’s love that cannot be measured.

I am so proud of where you are at 30 years old. You are mature man who is always growing and learning. You are great example of an instrument in the redeemer’s hand. You are a wonderful pastor to the 200 plus people in the children’s ministry. You are an excellent husband and father of two. I know our Heavenly Father is also very proud of where you are at 30 years old and how you boldly teach God’s Word weekly to children and their parents."

Charlie also has a post about his birthday here :


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