Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A New Invention?

Here is the scene:

It is Sunday morning freezing and raining after church. I have to get both babies out of the car and Abigail is crying uncontrollably for her bottle and it is past time for her to eat. I get her out and start feeding her and now it is time to get Jackson out of the car. He is watching Baby Babble 2 in the car and is not in a hurry to get out of the car. It is too cold in the garage to bring Abigail out and try to feed her and get Jackson out of the car. After Abigail downed 2 ozs, and I go to get Jackson out. Recently, getting Jackson out of the car has been quite an event. He loves to get out by himself and just stand bouncing up and down inside the car. It takes at least 2 minutes for him to get out of the car. Once in the garage, he wants to explore. Well, he was taking forever to get out of the car, and Abigail was crying inside sitting in her bumbo seat the hardest she has ever cried. I thought she might hyperventilate. I hurry Jackson inside and he insist on closing the car door slowly, and his thumb got caught in the car door.

So now both babies are crying uncontrollably, and all I can think is if only I had a contraption that could help hold up Abigail's bottle for her while she was sitting in the bumbo sit. I put pillows under the bottle once she started sucking on the bottle and was able to get ice on Jackson's thumb. I know I would not need this product for long, but do you know of an invention that holds the bottle up for babies? If not, I am inventing one!

Ps- I am so thankful that Jackson will help me feed Abigail now...when he feels like it.

Also, we had to switch to Dr. Brown's bottles because the Playtex bottles slow flow nipples just came out to fast for her when she sucked real hard. I really like these bottles.

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