Monday, March 02, 2009

Top Three Reasons Why I Buy All My Babies Clothes at Children's Place

Believe it or not, I am not a big shopper. I love to shop when I really need something, but just looking at clothes seems like a waste of my precious time. I started buying Jackson's pj's at Children's Place when he was a baby because they had zip up Pj's that were cute... 3 for $25. Zip up Pj's are so easy and wonderful! Now, that Jackson is going to be working on potty training I probably will not buy his Pj's there anymore...sad. However, we found some cute 2 piece PJ's at Target for Jackson at a good price.

Right before Abigail was born, I went out to the Children's Place out at the Sandhill Mall. They had matching Christmas outfits for both Abigail and Jackson. I was so excited! Also, this particular store is right by Portrait Innovations where I am going to take my babies to get there pictures done (Abigail's 3 month pictures) for $9.95! I think the store at Sandhill has more matching outfits than the store at Harbison.

Anyway, last Friday I went out to Children's Place at Harbison to get Abigail 3 zip up pj's 3-6 months for $25. I had a 10 percent coupon that the mailed me because they now have a rewards program (a card like a supermarket card).

Well, they had the cutest spring clothes ever and I went crazy. I knew Jackson needed an "Easter" outfit and Abigail needed white tights and some white shoes. I started to take stuff back and she asked me if I buy most of my babies clothes there and I said "yes" and she said that if I opened Children's Place credit card I would always get 10 percent off and then could get the additional 10 percent off with the perks program. Therefore, I would always be getting 20 percent off my purchase. To avoid finance charges (20 percent which is crazy) you just pay for your charges right after you put your charges on the card. Therefore, I opened a card with them and paid my payment right then right after I put it on the card. For every dollar I put on the credit card I earn 1 point. If I earn 200 points, I get another 10 percent off coupon mailed to me. However, I am very disciplined about this and if we do not have the money in the budget, I will not buy the clothes. I just want to get as much of a discount as I can for the clothes I buy for my babies. This is where I disagree with David Ramsey about not having credit cards. For example, one of my friends puts all her purchase on a Disney Credit Card and then pays it right off and now will have enough points to stay at Disney for free. However, you have to be disciplined and not buy things you do not have money for.

My goal this year is not to spend more than $500 on my children's clothes this year. In reality, that is a lot for clothes they will never be able to wear again. Where do you buy your children's clothes? How much a year do you spend on your children's clothes every year? Do you have any recommendation on where to buy your children clothes for cheap? I go to consignment stores a good bit and Marshall's.

I spent $120 on all these clothes here at Children's Place and saved $30. I will be having my babies pictures taken in these clothes which makes the clothes even more valuable (I have seen some children outfits go for$100 for one outfit at high end price children's store... I think that is crazy).

Here are my top 3 reasons why I love Children's Place:
1. The clothes are exactly what I am looking for and have matching outfits for girls/boys

2. Their zip up pj's are perfect and always 3 for $25

3. Their new rewards program makes it so the buyer is always getting at least 10 percent off
(also you can fill out surveys online and get up to 30 percent off your entire purchase...this survey will be printed at the end of your receipt).

Go here to check out their clothes: second thought maybe you should not take a look....ha ha.


Jaime said...

Ooh, I love Children's Place. I haven't been there in so long. As a Dave Ramsey fan, I know that he knows there will be people, like you, who can pay off their cards (this is a rare gift you have. Most Americans can't do this). His main point is that it is a proven fact people will spend more if they have a card vs cash. If you have a budget and can stick to it, then great! I wish I could but I'm just better off with the cash . . . or not going in all together.

I'm a sucker for summer girls clothes. I have a girl and summer is coming up so I'm really having to watch myself!

The stuff you bought is super cute!

Leah said...

I love Children's Place as well! Their sales are awesome, too. I found a lot of clothes for Baxter last year before Christmas. Thanks for the tips about their credit card.