Thursday, March 05, 2009

Pray Pray Pray for Jackson and his Surgery tomorrow morning at 7:45 am. Thank you so much!

Just pray that God gives Jackson a supernatural calm spirit. Also, you can pray that his mama has a supernatural calm spirit.

We have to be at Palmetto Surgery Center at 7:45 am and the whole process will probably take 2 hours but only about 30 minutes in surgery. This is an outpatient facility. It would be really no big deal if Jackson just had to get one frenulum clipped, but two frenulum's being clipped might be a little harder recovery.

I am not really as worried about the recovery, but very concerned when the take him away from me...he might totally go crazy (hopefully they will give him some meds to calm him down, since he is a very sweet but dramatic little boy).

I will try to update on how it went here on the blog tomorrow.

I guess there might not be any more strange pictures of Jackson with his tongue doing crazy things like in this picture above.


Abrams Boys said...

Praying today for you!

amjackson said...

You guys are on my prayer list!!