Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Jackson is so much happier since he had the surgery!
  • He can eat so much faster and better. Yesterday at the doctor he weighed 29.6 pounds and before the surgery he weighed 28.4 pounds
  • One the most exciting new event is that Jackson can say the colors of his bouncing balls. Sunday at church he wanted to show all his teachers how he could say green, blue (he says blue real well), pink, yellow, and orange (orange is hardly recognizable though). He carried these balls around all day on Sunday and would say the colors to whoever would listen. I, of course, got teary eyed and so did one of my good friend.
  • He has never said the word "yellow-" your tongue has to move a good bit to get that word out.
  • He has gotten far less spankings since the surgery and is not nearly as frustrated (this might be in part that I have his days now planned out).
  • However, some days he still resorts back to "gaga" for everything and his tongue is still weak. We are doing intense physical therapy on his tongue every day now. The surgery is not an instant fix (which I knew), but boy has it helped things and we saw some pretty immediate results.
  • Jackson has also had some intestinal issues that we had to see the doctor about yesterday. Without going into too much gross detail, he has not had normal bowel movements for the last two months. He is actually going to have to be on miralax for the week and these intestinal issues have caused some crazy breakdowns recently. He just might always struggle with constipation since he has since he was 8 months old. So he might be on straight Pear Juice for a while only with miralax every other day.
  • I was trying to get a picture of his tongue and frenulum here in these pictures. They left some skin between his front two teeth for a specific reason and the doctor will explain why tomorrow. In the first picture, his tongue is moving more than it ever has. He loves bath time, and would stay in there for hours if we would let him!


Jaime said...

I'm so glad you guys found a solution for Jackson. Will he eat prunes or drink prune juice? We have to give our Abigail prunes every few days. Good thing she LOVES them.

alyssa said...

Jayne Mac had similar potty issues, as well. And we,too, gave her miralax for a couple of months. Worked like a charm and we haven't used it since last year. Don't know if the doctor mentioned this to you, but we always gave it to her after her nap, mixed up in some juice. Something about giving it to them a little before they eat can help aid the process. Glad to hear that he is doing so much better. His progress sounds great!

Emily Wallace said...

Great to hear from yall and that yall have had those problems as well.

My doctor I think said she wanted him to use the miralax twice a day for a week to really clean him out and then I guess we will use it every day for a while or every other day.

Unfortunately, he will not drink prune juice or prunes but he will eat pears and pear juice and that usually works well.

Mommy Reg said...

Emily, I have been reading but haven't had any time to comment. I am so excited about Jackson! I love his smile. :)
I don't (amazingly enough) have much advice about the intestinal issues except to limit cheese and bananas, white rice, and white bread and increase things like oats, and whole grains, and veggies that are high in fiber.
Again, I am so excited for Jackson. It is awesome that you were able to identify and fix what was going on. :)