Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Great Post on How To Dress Your Kids at Gymboree for Free!

Money Saving mom had an excellent guest post on how one mom dresses her three kids at Gymboree for free! Go here to see the post: http://www.moneysavingmom.com/money_saving_mom/2009/03/guest-post-how-i-dress-my-children-for-free.html

What I learned from this post
  • Like everything it takes planning and hard work
  • What she does is she buys her kids clothes when they are marked down at Gymboree 80 percent. So she tries to buy her clothes like this: pants and dresses for $6.99-9.99, shirts for $3.99, and shoes for $4.99. Usually these good sales only happen at the end of the season so she buys the next size up for her kids during this time. If I was buying for Jackson now, I would try to buy size 4 since he is mainly in 3t right now. What is so good is that once they get into toddler sizes they are usually in that size for a good year.
  • She also tries to only buy her clothes when Gymboree is having their "buck" deals. During this time, when you buy $50 worth of clothes their you get bucks for $25 off your next purchase and if you buy $100 worth of clothes you get $50 off your next purchase. You can make multiple purchase here so you do not have to make a trip back to Gymboree.
  • Then she sells all her clothes that she got at Gymboree on ebay. She even has her own store at: http://stores.ebay.com/Lake-Michigan-Treasures
  • She recommends selling your item at 50% off of what you paid for it to start off when people are bidding. You can also have buy it now options for what you paid for the item.
  • Here is my problem with ebay. I have sold a couple things and I also pay way too much in shipping when I try to ship the item because I want to be able to track the item. The shipping process always confuses me! Do you have the same problem or any suggestions when it comes to mailing your item through ebay? If I could figure out how to only pay$ 2.99 out of pocket when shipping my items, I would sell more stuff.
  • What do you think? Do you think you could be successful in this and end up not paying anything for your Gymboree clothes at the end of the year?
Other money saving tips that have been working for me recently:
  • I have only been going to the grocery store every 2 weeks. I spent $120 dollars after using all my coupons at Kroger. I have also been drinking Kroger brand drinks which have been great and now Kroger mails me coupons all the time. They have new generic diapers and wipes that have been great and I have gotten for $2 and $3 out of pocket. I do spend about $40 out of pocket at CVS every month as well using their extrabuck program.
  • I have also been doing Dream Dinners and saving money on going out to eat. They email me when they are trying to get rid of the dinners and recently all of their meals have were $10 each for 3 servings and you could buy as few meals as you wanted. I spent anywhere from $60-$120 a month on Dream Dinners (some months I have so many meals left over I do not buy Dream Dinners). I usually eat the leftover for lunch the next day and Charlie is great at cooking these meals as well.
  • We cook Monday night, Thursday night, and Saturday night. We go to Chick Fil A on Tuesday nights because Jackson eats free, Wednesday night is church supper. Friday night we actually go out to eat somewhere (hopefully somewhere where there is no waitress), and Sunday night we usually eat Sonic because it is so late with AWANA.
  • I have found the best price for Enfamil Powder Formula at Babies R US. I have also bought coupons for Enfamil formula through ebay and saved a lot of money recently. They are discontinuing my type of formula which really stressed me out, but we are trying to stock up and when she turns 6 months old we will be buying the generic Enfamil (sensitive) at Target. We will gradually change her over 2 ozs at a time. Buy 6 months, her stomach will not be very sensitive at all.
  • Having a plan has helped me budget so much better. Monday night I also take Jackson to the gym for the 6:45 pm combat class. We rest all Monday from the craziness of Sunday and then after dinner we are ready to go somewhere. We also try to go to the gym Friday and Saturday morning.

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