Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Katherine's First Response

This is Katherine's first response to her brother's injuries. She is truly a God- seeking and God- fearing woman!

This is what she writes:

"A week ago tonight some friends and family gathered here at my home to pray for my brother. We knew very little at that point as to what happened or to what the future would look like. We lifted up a song of prayer and praise to God- Great is Thy Faithfulness. I am left speechless at God's faithfulness and goodness to our family. I realize now more than any other time in my life that this world is not my home. It is not about the here and now. It is not about us. Even as my brother lays wounded on his hospital bed, God is sovereign. The same God who created my brother and brought him into this world almost 24 years ago looks over him now as he sleeps. This same God has a plan and a purpose for his life. This same God loves him and us no less than He did a week ago. Andrew will suffer. We all know that. But, he will know and taste the goodness of the Lord! God may not heal his broken body on this earth, but I know He will bless him with a closeness to Him. I know that if Andrew were awake, he would be proclaiming God's faithfulness as well.
I will leave you guys with some news about his condition. He endured a 4 1/2 hour surgery today and it went well. Andrew is so very strong. His vitals are good and steady and his fever is down. Please continue to pray for the functioning of his kidneys. My dad leans over my brother after the surgery and said,' Andrew, this is your daddy.'. Andrew's eyes popped right open for just a bit. How encouraging!
The outpouring of love and prayers from everyone has been amazing and a blessing from God!"



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