Friday, November 17, 2006

Update on Andrew-November 17, 2006

Congressman Bob Inglis came to visit with Andrew at the hospital today. He stayed with Andrew for over an hour and prayed over him. What a blessing to have a congressman who is a believer and has genuine compassion for those he serves!

Andrew is continuing to do well. The CT scan showed no obvious signs of infection; his fever is still present, but reducing. He’ll be going back in for surgery tomorrow morning. I was thinking earlier that some of you may not be aware that we have not been able to converse with Andrew as of yet. He is on a ventilator and has been in a drug induced coma since this incident. I really do feel like he is able to hear us when we speak to him. Please do pray that he will be well enough for them to be able to remove the vent in the next couple of weeks, as it is not healthy for it to remain for much longer. His kidneys continue to be a major issue of concern. I hope so much that they will spring back to life very soon.

Some of you have asked for my parents’ address in MD. So, here it is:

Harry and Mary Kinard

c/o Navy Lodge Bethesda

8901 Wisconsin Ave.
Bldg. #52

Bethesda, MD 20889

Thank you all for your prayers! Thank you for caring. Thank you for your compassion. I feel like the body of Christ all over this country and all over the world is embracing my brother and my family in this time of need. This has been the most real example in my life of how God designed the church to be. Many of you say you don’t know how to help. The greatest help you offer is to pray for my brother. Thank you!


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