Monday, November 27, 2006

Pictures from Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving Week started great when Sammy and Alyssa Rhodes came by and visited with their beautiful children Jane Mac (18 months) and Asher (2 months). Asher is just one day older than Jackson but he is already 17 pounds. We went to the doctor last Tuesday and Jackson is now 12 pounds and 7 oz and has moved up from the 25 percent to the 40 percent in weight. The next pictures you see is us at the Carolina Country Club in Spartanburg enjoying Thanksgiving dinner. We had such a great time in Spartanburg and the grandparents spoiled Jackson and got him all kind of cute clothes. Yeah! We were gone from Wednesday to Sunday---this is the first Sunday Charlie has missed in 6 months so it was good to get away and now it is good to be back. Jackson is on a new schedule now and I will be posting about that later along with more pictures. Jackson even made an appearance at Viriginia's engagement party which was so much fun!

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