Monday, November 27, 2006

More Thanksgiving Pictures

Here were are again at the Country Club and then the next picture is of me, Bonnie and Ashley Knie at Virginia's engagement party at Bonnie's house Friday night. She is marrying Tobby Wood in March and Charlie is preforming the ceremony and I am a bridesmaid. The picture of the baby is of Aiden Ardis. He is one month older than Jackson and they like to hang out--haha. Then, there is Carol holding Jackson at church last night. Carol is the women's ministry enrichment director and one of our good friends.


Nathan Finn said...

Jackson is indeed a cute young'un. Just out of curiosity, is he named after a certain Civil War general, or is Jackson a family name?

Emily Wallace said...

Yeah Charlie's grandad was named Jackson and his other grandfather was named Charles. So he is named after both his granfathers---Jackson Charles Wallace. I have always loved the name so I was glad it is in the family.

12:49 PM