Monday, November 06, 2006

New Pictures


Leah said...

Here's a "new mom" question for you: have you found yourself missing your husband during the day now that you are staying at home? I know that for me, at least during these first few weeks, I eagerly anticipate Nathan's coming home from work--and I miss him during the day. I am so excited about being a mom and having Georgia around, but when I am most tired and worn out, I have a bittersweet sadness that it will never be me and Nathan again. Do you/did you feel anything like that? Just curious...

PS Jackson is super cute! great pictures!

Emily Wallace said...

Yes definetly! We are so blessed in that we are living in the parsonage so he is never too far away. Every day I bring Jackson up to the church office (especially when he is having a colic fit) to see the church secretaries. I usually stroll him up there. If you have a stroller stroll her to one of your friend's apartments. It really makes a big difference getting out of the house at least 1 times a day.

I do sometimes feel like it will never be just me and Charlie again because Jackson does not get to sleep till 11:15 and the wakes up at 6-7ish. But I know when he gets to be 3-6 months it will get better and he will go to bed at 8 pm and Charlie and I will have a lot of time just me and him. I just look at this time as a short season in our lives. I hope when he gets to be 3 months old we can at least have 1 night a week that is date night.

Ps--it is so much fun when they start smiling back at you! Can't wait to see more pictures of your beautiful baby!

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