Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pray for Andrew Kinard

One of my very best friends (since we were 5 years old) Katherine Kinard's brother was hurt severely in Iraq on Sunday. Please pray for him and his family. Pray specifically that he will live and make it to the States. Pray that God will give them strength to get through this and that they will all complelety depend on Him. I talked to Katherine Monday right before she found out and she was concerned for Andrew since he was on the frontlines. The entire family has great hope and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and I know that He will get them through this, and that ultimately God will be glorified.

"I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us." (Romans 8:18).

Will Kinard write this on facebook:
"Andrew is an officer..mainly meaning that he has men under him, and he is in control of the area in which he is placed. In this case, it just happened to be a section of a town in Iraq. Andrew left some one and a half months ago, counting on staying till around April. I was blessed to be able to talk to him for the first time this past Saturday afternoon. He sounded extremely tired, lonely, and stressed. He told me of things he was dealing with that really communicated the extreme situation. Having taken all of this in, I still never believed something like this would ever happen...anyway, he left me on the phone that day saying he loved me, and couldn't wait to get home. I knew I would talk to him soon though because he had just gotten access to a satellite phone of his own. Apparently, he went out for a patrol with some of his men that next morning (sunday) when all of the sudden he got hit from a road bomb. These bombs are called IED's, short for improvised explosive devices. I know that along with him, three of him men were hit. I have no clue to the current status of them. Immediately, Andrew was knocked out, suffered massive blood loss, and was close to death. A helicopter came and picked him up to take him to a hospital outside of Baghdad. During the ride over, Andrew went into cardiac arrest. This is when you stop breathing, your heart stops, and death is around the corner. Amazingly enough, he was brought back to life, and made it to the hospital. Twenty-four hours or so later, he was taken to a hospital in Germany where he stays now. I know he has had a few surgeries mainly pertaining to his abdomen and legs. Now that he is stable, he might be making it over to DC sooner than we expected. We will be there waiting for him."

9:10 am

"Andrew is going to live. Early this morning, he was doing so well his doctors began
to take him off his sedation. When he awoke, the nurse asked him if he was ok, and
Andrew responded with a "thumb's up" before drifting back to sleep. For those of
ya'll who know my brother, this is very characteristic of him...even in his
subconsious mind, he takes anattitude of strength. An early CT scan of his head
also showed negative results to fractures or problem areas which is a
great sign. Andrew will be flying in tonight, earlier from his intended time,
because of his wide range of friends he has already made over the little time in the
military. Thank God my brother is alive and coming home."

You can join the group Pray for Andrew Kinard on facebook and get updates.

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