Saturday, November 04, 2006

Keep on Praying for Andrew

Keep on praying for Andrew he is still not out of the woods. Here is the latest updated by our old pastor Dr. Wilton. He writes beautifully that:

"Andrew continues to strive on in his small ICU room day by day, hour by hour under the special care of the incredible nurse and doctoral staff at the hospital. I saw him once more this afternoon, and he looked better than yesterday. I realize though that in his harsh condition I shouldn't unrealistically keep my hopes up, but still know as well that he is in the Lord's hands and has many people praying for him. Please continue to pray, remembering that some of the hardest times for him, and us, are still to come.

One thing, though, is certainly for sure: this whole situation has already affected many of ours, and others, relationship with God and overall outlook towards life. We continually remind ourselves that this life is but for glorification of God, not ourselves, and for preparation of an eternity in heaven. We know that after Andrew fully recovers, his story and vibrant spirit will impact thousands of lives."

This picture is how I remember Andrew growing up---- full of life and energy. He always dreamed of being a solider from a very young age--- for our country and for our freedom....
My heart is full as the reality of what has happened to him really hits me. As I look at my beautiful son, as a mother, I cannot imagine what Mrs. Kinard is going through. You never want your children to suffer and we need to specficially pray for Andrew's family. I pray that God will give them the strength to get through this. I pray right now that the Holy Spirit will overflow them and give them a peace and hope that only comes from the Father. I pray for Katherine (Andrew's sister), that God will wrap his loving arms around her and that the Holy Spirit will be a her great comforter.


BY Georgie J. Dickerson

The majesty of Your Presence

makes me a worthy child

who stands in need of Thee.

Take me and use me

according to Your will.

I only live as You breathe

into my body of clay.

Without You I can do nothing.

Place Your sunrises and sunsets

into my heart and life so that

each day begins and ends with the

beauty of Your smile as we live

the beautiful and promising days

dedicated to Your Majestic

all powerful, all loving name.

I am Yours completely. Use

me for Your service. Thank You

for smiling down on me.

Love, Your Faithful Servant

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