Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Update on Andrew

"I am now currently back in Greenville. Andrew is doing well. I already miss him so much! We spent a few hours together this morning. He was able to communicate very well with his eyebrows,etc. So, we sat and watched sports for a while and I just talked to him about what was going on with everyone. I look forward to when he will be able to talk back. The pneumonia continues to be a serious concern. Please pray that his body will fight the pneumonia, so that they can remove the ventilator soon. It is not good for it to be in much longer. And, I’m sure it is so very frustrating to be very aware and to also have the uncomfortable tube in. We really do have so much to be thankful for, though. The poor young man in the room next to him has his legs, but has suffered severe brain damage. Never again will he be able to tell his loved ones he loves them. That breaks my heart. I told Andrew I loved him before I left. He moved his eyebrows up and I said that I knew he loved me too. He shook his head yes and was pleased I understood him. We are so blessed! Thank you for your prayers. Please lift up his lungs as he suffers with pneumonia. Please pray that the vent can be removed very soon. Thank you all very much!"


"I just arrived in Besthesda to meet with the family just Wednesday afternoon, but yet now I sit here in the Charlotte airport on the way back to Clemson wondering how time could have blown by so fast. As I'm only a freshman in college, I may not yet fully understand how to completely cherish life and everything it brings you, but every week it seems to speed up faster than the one before causing me lately to step back, look around, and take things in because every day brings me something different. Coming straight out of the hardest acedemic period of my life and stepping back into this newest life crisis, I discovered that I've only been able to survive this past month because God has allowed everything in my mind to be "compartmentalized". Stepping into Andrew's small ICU room that Wednesday afternoon brought back to mind my previous anxiety, fear, and depression I first felt when the situation first arose. Why is this happening? Why now? And why does it have to happen to Him?? Why, why, why. God understands why, and has a plan for those "why's", I believe he just hasn't revealed it to us yet. Andrew has been progressively getting healthier these past few days. As his kidneys continually rejuvenate as well, our main concern is his respiratory system. He is still on the ventilator, but taking it out yesterday revealed to us he was not quite ready as he suffered another lung collapse, soon resolved, but the ventilator had to be put back in. Pray for the Lord's healing in this! It needs to be resolved soon, but know that even in this small set-back, Andrew is looking very well. Thank you again for your support for Andrew and the Family." -Will

We have also just learned a minute ago that Andrew is again fighting an infection. We ask you to pray for his infection and the strength to fight it.

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