Saturday, June 06, 2009

Abigail in the High Chair at Chick Fil A!

Check out her tooth!

She was so excited to sit in the high chair at Chick Fil A this past Friday night! She wants to be a big girl already so bad. I don't! We normally go to the Chick Fil A on Bush River Road on Tuesday nights because it is family night and Jackson eats for free with a purchase of a combo meal and some of our church friends are always there. We would love to see you there! We have been missing in action this last month getting the swing set up. We were there Friday night for Shag night, but it got canceled due to rain, but we of course had a great time! We even got a free sample of their new peach milkshake which was so yummy! They now have an option to get a small milkshake which is great for my waistline.

She is growing up so fast! She turned 6 months old yesterday. Crazy!

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