Tuesday, June 09, 2009


We need some major rest.

Here is a recap:
  • In April, Abigail had a ear infection and started waking up and not going back to sleep till someone put her pacifier in her mouth. We found out it was an ear infection so we thought this would not last long...
  • In May, two teeth broke through the skin and she started waking up night after night sometimes after ever two hours dead asleep, just wanting someone to put her pacifier back in. Teeth at 5 months!
  • Now we are in June, and she has hit a growth spurt and the last two morning she has had to eat at 3:45 am. It just hurts to be up every two hours putting her pacifier back in. I did discover that I should have changed her to level 2 nipples after 3 months of age. I am using Dr. Browns bottles this time so I did not know they have four levels of nipples. She was taking an hour to eat!
  • She was so easy from January through March, and she still is easy during the day but has no desire to sleep. She can stay up for 7 hours which is crazy. She is ready to learn and does not want to miss anything. I do not let her cry it out during Jackson's nap time.
We are exhausted! If you know Charlie or I you know that we need 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night and if we do not get that we like to nap. Well, it is hard to nap with a baby that refuses to sleep. Any advice yall have I am all ears.

I say all this not to complain, but during your prayer time today pray that my sweet funny baby girl will enjoy sleeping as much as her parents and her brother does.

I am in Spartanburg for 2 nights so Charlie and I can have two full night of uninterrupted sleep. We are on vac and going to the pool tomorrow. Praise God for giving me parents who are able to give us some rest we so desperately need. We are so blessed!

The song going through my head is
"Grace, grace, God's grace

Grace that will pardon and cleanse within

Grace, grace, God's grace

Grace that is greater than all our sin"

Also enjoy the words to this song:

And I rest in the shelter of Your love

And I rest in the wonder of Your Grace

And I rest in the shelter of Your love

And I rest in the wonder of You!

Rest, that is the prayer for my family today.

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