Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday's Tip: Cheapest Oil Change in Town

I have found the cheapest oil change to be Precision Tune Auto Care
The oil change there is $19.99. They do not have these offer all the time, but most of the time and without the use of a coupon. At any place that offers oil changes for this low of a price, you will have to drop of your car and plan on getting it latter on in the day. Many of these places are open on Saturdays however. The cheapest oil change use to be at Walmart, but now there prices are right around $26

We did try Pep Boy last week because my tires needed to be rotated as well. Once you join their rewards program (which is like a CVS card) you get free tire rotations and they will fix your tires if they get a nail in them for free along with other great benefits. I was impressed with them and they had a mail in rebate for their oil change so it came out to be cheaper than Walmart's oil change. Total after mail in rebate we will have spent $26 to get the Odyssey oil change and tires rotated.

What have you found to be the cheapest place to get an oil change?

I am in Spartanburg for the week while Charlie is at Centri-Kid camp at Converse College. We are having a great time and I did not wake up till 8 am this morning which was glorious. Jackson and I got to visit them today and they are having a great time. Jackson loved running all around on the giant field they have there. I will still be posting this week, just shorter posts than usual. Next week I will write a post on Couponing 101. Love to hear from you!


Merritt Pace said...

Hey, Em! Sam wanted "baby Abigail" to go to the zoo with us this week. Since you are out-of-town, maybe we can go sometime when you get back. Enjoy your mini vacation!

Emily Wallace said...

Sad. Hopefully we can all go soon! I am glad Sam wanted "baby Abigail" to go to the zoo with yall!