Thursday, June 11, 2009

Restaurant Deals

Here are some great restaurants deals:

First, this one came from a friend's blog who has an excellent blog:

"If you want to take your man out for Father's Day here is a GREAT way to get a cheap meal at a nice restaurant for you and the family. Go to and pick a restaurant. The gift cards are already discounted but if you enter the Promo Code PRESENT at checkout you can get an additional 80% off now. I just got a $25 gift card for $2. Now that's a cheap way to feed the whole family and celebrate Father's Day=)"

Second, every week day night Kids Eat Free at Baker Brothers. We went to the one at Lexington tonight and Jackson got a huge cheese pizza and he will be able to eat it again for lunch tomorrow. If you just get a sandwich and water you can really eat there with kids for a great price. I forget to tell Charlie to take a Dream Dinner out of the freezer yesterday. We normally cook Monday, Thursday, and Saturday nights. I am now on our local Dream Dinner email list and get great coupons and deals...$10 for a 3 serving meal and I eat leftovers for lunch. I hate fast food right now!

Do you have any restaurant deals to share?
I really want to compile a list of all restaurants where kids eat free


Gretchen Truax said...

Hey Emily,
I am so glad to hear that everyone is doing well. These are a couple of websites that have some great information about where you can go to save a little money when going out to eat as a family.

I always like to call ahead and make sure that my local restaurant participates in these offers! Hope this might help! Talk to you soon and God bless!


Lauren Spears said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I got a great gift certificate for Sonny's pizza in Spartanburg.
Jackson and Abigail are precious - hope you're doing well!

Emily Wallace said...

Great thanks so much Gretchen. We miss yall! Lauren-that is so exciting that you got such a great deal in Spartanburg. Good to hear from you!

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