Monday, June 22, 2009

Why Jon and Kate Plus 8 is Really Upsetting

  • I watched TLC when they first did a little show on her and staying at home with 6 babies and twins. I have watched them and the Duggars for every show they have had from the beginning. The Duggars are still one of my favorite shows. I really enjoy seeing what works for other stay at home moms, and I have learned a lot by watching these shows.
  • I really cannot stop thinking about their decision to separate. I did miss like 5 crucial minutes of them explaining why. I heard Jon say that he let her rule everything for all this time. I heard Kate say that Jon will not even talk to her and that this has been going on for a very long time....8 whole months.
  • The problem and point of the post is that: when you have kids there is really no such thing as a true divorce from each other. You get divorced "to" each other not from each other when you have children. You will always be in each others lives when you have children, and why not try to work things out since you are forever linked to one another? Mark Driscoll nails it when he says don't get a divorce, get a new marriage. Marriage is about dying to yourself and depending on God.
  • Now, I know plenty of cases where the spouse cheats and leaves the other spouse and there is nothing that can be done. I do not feel that is the case here with Jon and Kate. Have they had counseling? All those kids really want is not all the stuff in the world, but to see their mommy and daddy loving each other. My heart breaks for them, and I really wish I understood more of the reasons why.


lindler5 said...

FB is blowing up with chat about this. i feel as though i actually watched the show.

Merritt Pace said...

I watched this episode, too. It is truly a heartbreaking situation. Jon kept saying "I want, I need, etc." I was saying "Why don't you think about what your family/children need instead?" So sad. :(