Sunday, June 07, 2009

Abigail is So Funny!

Abigail is hilarious. Both outfits that she has on here were either given to me by friends or I bought them from a friend. If you know some of your friend who are done having babies, offer to purchase some clothes from them. I have gotten the cutest outfits from my friends at church! I got her socks for Bumble Bee Boutique because I received a gift card from my shower at church. I think they are called Mary Jane socks and they look like shoes. Babies can wear these shoes until they are 1 year. I really like Bumble Bee Boutique and when they have a sell you can get a good deal on smock dresses. I got her cute bow from either Goody 2 Shoes or Doodlebugs. Do you have other advice on getting cute baby girl clothes for a good price?

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lindler5 said...

i LOVED that little kissy kissy outfit on anna lou. it was a favorite. mandy abrams gave that to lou when she was born. be sure to let her know that it is being worn by a sweet girl once again.