Monday, June 01, 2009

Movie Monday-Abigail Sitting Up By Herself showing off Her Teeth!

Abigail is already sitting up by herself some and has 1 tooth and the other one is about to be through. She went to the doctor the other week and the doctor said that it is early for her teeth to already be coming through and that was what was wrong with her, not her ears, praise the Lord! She seems to be a couple months early in doing everything. She is even trying to get up on all fours to start crawling. Jackson was textbook on when everything happened for him. I think he got his first tooth at 7 months old which is right when they are suppose to come through. I think girls just mature faster. Of course I am not ready for her to be doing all she is doing, and I was dying for Jackson to get a tooth, sit up by himself, crawl, etc.

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