Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My 500th Post!

Wow, I cannot believe I have written 500 posts. That is a lot. I think this November will be 3 years that I have been blogging. I love blogging mainly because it helps me be a better wife, mother, and woman, and because it is a way for me to write down all my memories from my babies that I might forget. It also is a great way I can help other moms get their babies on schedules, and not make the same mistakes I have made.

In honor of my 500th post I am going to write 500 reasons why I love blogging. Ha! Just kidding. But, I am going to write my top 3 reasons why I enjoy my blog.

1. It is a place where I can document all the fun facts about my babies such as percentiles, weights, and seeing how they grow. I would have no idea how much Jackson weighed at his 6 month check up if I had not blogged it. It is also a great way for out of town family to see how my babies are growing. For all my moms out there is it never to late to start a blog! I had to have a lot of encouragement by my husband to start one, and I am so glad I did!
2. It is a great way for stay at home moms to connect with other moms
3. It helps me be a better wife and mother by writing out my plans on how to do my very best and get tips from other wise moms on how to accomplish my plan. If you are a Christian woman you should always be reading, learning, and growing, and blogs are a great free resource for this. I also love helping out other moms with problems they have. I thrive on problem solving!

I would like to change the template of my blog for free. Do you have any suggestions on where I can go to change the template of my blog other than using blogger?


Samantha said...

That's what I use and it's fairly simple to insert! Hope it works for you!

blackberrycottage said...

If you google free blogger templates you will find many different places and styles. The one above is lovely, as is the place Samantha recommended.
blessings Sandra in NZ

Michelle said... I agree! It's so easy to change your template, and you can change it seasonally or whenever you like! Hope you are well!