Monday, June 29, 2009

Update on Jackson: Prayers are being Answered!

Speech Therapy:

  • He is saying new words everyday which is the biggest blessing ever! This morning he said "my bunny" to Abigail and tears came flowing from my eyes (I get real emotional when I do not get good sleep and Abigail is still waking us up all throughout the night). Today, so far, he has said: "flag wave, tree, moon, baby, daddy, mommy, dog, bears, girl, clock, up, role, wipe, paci, me, water, pig, skate, cheers, Pete, push, his version of surprise, fruit, play, five, stop, many numbers, and many letters. He will say two words when I ask him to like, "Hi Manning." I am writing all his words down today to see exactly how many words he has. We are working for 100 words by the age of three (that is one speech therapy goal). Added latter: He uses about 70 words a day! We are so excited.
  • He knows his numbers, letters, and shapes. When you put up a random number or letter he correctly says that number, letter, or shape.
  • At my parents the other day he said to my dad, "I want my mommy!"
  • He does not always say the words right and sometimes leaves off the end sound of a word. If you child has trouble saying a word, say the beginning sound of the word over and over and ask him to to repeat just the beginning sound of the word.
  • Please keep praying for Jackson and that he will clearly say words (and always say the end sounds of words) and start saying two words together throughout the day.
  • He is the happiest I have seen him since he was a baby, and was so proud to show how he could say all his colors to his Sunday School teacher. Jesus has loosened his tongue and healed his stomach. The therapist explained to us that after the surgery they have to babble again, and then basically learn how to talk all over again. He loves eating ice cream cones now, which he could not do before surgery.
  • He will still need speech therapy when he turns 3 years old, so he will be evaluated in August on his speech to see if he qualifies for a speech therapist and/or a classroom at Oak Grove Elementary School. We are zoned for White Knoll, but they do not offer this program. He can attend this school the day he turns 3, which will be September 12.
  • These video have helped him in so many ways (especially with his speech)
  • He loved being in the Liberty pageant and waved his flag on stage so proudly. He loves to be the center of attention. He is so much happier than he was this time last year.
  • He is constanly making jokes with his actions, and he is so funny!
Gastro Doctor:
  • Jackson has been trying all kind of new foods since he is cleaned out after taking an adult dosage of Miralax for a week (hamburgers, bacon, spaghetti).
  • The doctor explained to us that he believe Jackson had a painful bathroom experience and has decided that because of that he is not going to be able to have a "normal" bowl movement till he is probably 5 years old or so.
  • He has to be on Miralax for another 6 months to a year
  • The doctor said we will not need to try potty training for another 2 months.
  • We have to go back again to him in 4 months.
  • The x-ray showed lot of stool, and all the blood work came back good except one category under celiac disease that is non specified. He said that he does not have a glutten allergy or celiac disease.
  • God is so good, and it is so wonderful to see prayers answered daily for my sweet funny boy!

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amjackson said...

That is WONDERFUL EM!! So glad to hear! I saw Jackson last night and he did so good!! YAY!!