Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesday's Tip: Grocery Shopping

Tuesday's money saving tip has to do with grocery shopping.

Figure out what you always buy and also figure out what is the cheapest price for that item. Then, do not buy that item till you pay the cheapest price for it. This will probably require you to shop at more than one store a week. It is totally worth your time, especially if you are a stay at home mom and bargain shopping is basically your second job.

For instance, both Jackson and Charlie eat a Nutrigrain Bars as part of their breakfast every morning. I know that the cheapest I can get them for is 2 for $5. So, the other week when Kroger had them for $3.24 a pack I did not buy them. Instead, Jackson and I will make a quick stop at the very nice Walmart in Lexington to get our nutrigrain bars.

Also, I have subscribed to a few new great money saving blogs through Google reader. They are:
Common Sense With Money
The Thrifty Mama
Coupon Cravings
$30 Weekly Grocery Challenge

I love blogs! They help me so much. My next post will be my 500th post on my blog Crazy!

Do you recommend any other good money saving mom blogs?

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