Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun Friday: Abigail is Ready to be a Big Girl

It is so different having baby #2. I was dying for Jackson to do everything early, and he did everything right when the book said he should. Abigail, maybe it is because she is a girl, seems to be doing everything early and I have no desire for her to grow up! She sits up now for hours at a time, and wants to do whatever Jackson is doing. She even does speech therapy with him. She is constantly entertained by him, which is great!

We had a great time in Spartanburg and of course she never woke up. We did keep her up till 11 pm one night. The level 2 nipples have made a huge difference. She drinks her milk in 30 minutes now like she should. I feel like a new women with 3 straight nights of GREAT sleep. I forgot my camera when we went to Spartanburg, but will remember it next week. Jackson was crazy at the pool and tried to swim. He was jumping off the side to my dad with this "I can learn to swim suit" that was Jake's. He has no fear! We are giving him a swim lesson at Gold's Gym the end of the month for $20. Yay!

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