Sunday, May 31, 2009

Swing Set is Done!

Like most things in life, the swing set was hard work putting up, but totally worth it. Now every day after lunch we go outside and play. Scott and Jake came over last Saturday and then Charlie was able to finish it up Memorial Day Weekend. Scott came over two Saturdays in a row, and we would not have been able to get it up so quickly without him! We are so thankful for him. We were prepared for how long it was going to take, and excited to now have some more time to get other projects done around the keeping our house clean...haha! It basically took us all of May to complete and we missed out on Chick Fil A Tuesday night Family nights. But again, totally worth it. I think Charlie now things he can build anything. Yay for us!

I did order a baby swing for Abigail that should be coming in the mail this week!

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