Wednesday, May 06, 2009

15 Minutes

My house is probably the worst it has ever been. In my room, I have maternity clothes, winter clothes, and spring and summer clothes all over the place. In Abigail's room there are clothes everywhere. I need to put clothes that I want for another possible baby in a space bag. Not to mention all the unpacking that still needs to be done for our trip. On my desk are many papers that need filing. The only problem is that we need another filling box and the only place it can go is in the garage which is not very practical. I do really like those huge 2.5 gallon zip lock bags to help organize papers. I have absolutely no motivation because it is so overwhelming.

What is my solution to the problem? Yesterday when both the babies where napping I decided to get my stopwatch and spend at least 15 minutes putting up my maternity clothes into a huge space bag to be put in our attic. Guess what? I ended up having an entire hour and got so much done! Charlie spent 15 minutes of his time unpacking his clothes and Jackson's clothes. Every day, I am going to give organizing at least 15 minutes of my day except on Sundays which are too crazy for us.

Do you have any other solutions on getting your house organized?

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