Monday, May 04, 2009

Picture Monday


alyssa said...

Looks like yall had a lot of fun! We are going to the beach in June and I can't wait. The one place Asher can really run around and not get into too much mischief! I am going to be in Columbia next week, so if you are around and available we should try to get together!
Oh yeah, and talk about picture crazy...when I am on a roll, I can take about 100 pictures a day! I am just waiting for my computer to crash!

Emily Wallace said...

What beach are yall going to?

We would love to get together. We can go wherever you want to go that you do not get to go. Zoo, Edventure? Call me or send me an email and we will figure it out. We have guest passes to the zoo for yall.

Glad to hear others take as many pictures as I do!